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(A video of the kitchen and the chef)

Mealtime at school is not only an important part of the experience, it’s the basis for whole-child well-being. By nourishing our students we are building strong bodies and sharp minds.

Our cafeteria provides nutritious and healthy meals made from scratch with different menus each weekday.



A variety of baked goods, created with whole-grain flours, are available for purchase by students after lesson hours.



Healthy Habits & Tips

  • Healthy Habits & Tips When you eat great food, drink lots of water, and get plenty of exercise, your body feels great and you can have fun with your friends. 
  • It is recommended that you drink up to 8 cups of water each day. Your body needs water to work and play.
  • You should have 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Your body needs the vitamins and minerals found in these foods to be healthy. 
  • Avoid items with a high sugar or sodium content. Eating food high in sodium can lead to a number of health issues including high blood pressure. Eating food high in sugar can affect your concentration, cause tooth decay, and contribute to other health-related issues such as diabetes.
  • Every time you play it adds up. You should aim for 60 minutes of activity a day. The benefits of this will be endless as exercise helps increase your energy level, helps you get a better night’s rest and can help decrease stress and promote happiness. 
  • Always eat breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day! When you do not eat a proper meal at breakfast, you can feel sluggish and find it hard to pay attention. By eating a proper meal before you come to school you will have higher energy, more focus, and the ability to retain new information much better. 
  • Always plan a nutritious lunch and at least two snacks for every school day. Maintaining a balanced diet with variety of food from all of the food groups will increase your energy, improve your digestion, grow strong bones, and strengthen your immune system. 
  • You also need to learn to balance all of the things you like to do. You need to balance active play time with TV or computer time. You also have to make time for homework and studying while making sure you get enough sleep.











Өглөөний цай




Шар будааны зутан


Овъёостой талх

Тэжээллэг печень


Бор цай




Сүүтэй цай




Бор цай


Сүүтэй будаа



Бүхэл үртэй талх

Өдрийн хоол






Бүрмэл тахиа



Бөөрөнхий махтай томатны шөл


Өргөст хэмхийн  салат



Аньсны жүүс/Сүүтэй цай



Борщ шөл


Луувангийн салат


Жигнэсэн ногоо




Үзэмний жүүс/Сүүтэй цай


Нарийн махан хуурга


Мисо шөл




Броколи, помидорын салат


Чацарганы жүүс/сүүтэй цай

Бөөрөнхий мах, мөөгтэй хуурга


Луувангийн зутан шөл


Венегрет салат



Аньсны жүүс/Сүүтэй цай

Yakisoba хуурга



Бор будаатай шөл


Байцааны  салат



Үзэмний жүүс/cүүтэй цай


Хоолны цэс боловсруулсан:  Ахлах тогооч Д. Сарангэрэл /……………………/

Хянасан: Сургуулийн эмч Б.Батсайхан /……………………