Jet Secondary school

  • Building 505, Time square, Khan-Uul district

  • 7755 8899 PHONE NUMBER

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Learning outcomes JETIS

Learning outcomes JETIS

At the end of the primary school, students should:

  • Be able to distinguish right from wrong
  • Be able to cooperate, share and care for others
  • Be inquisitive and have a lively curiosity about things
  • Be able to think for and express themselves confidently
  • Know their strengths and areas for growth
  • Take pride in their work
  • Have healthy habits and an awareness of the arts
  • Have a sense of national and international identity

At the end of the secondary school, students should:

  • Have moral integrity
  • Be able to work in teams and show empathy for others
  • Be creative and have an inquiring mind
  • Be able to appreciate diverse views and communicate effectively
  • Believe in their abilities and be able to adapt to change
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Enjoy physical activities and appreciate the arts
  • Be internationally minded and have a solid national identity