Jet Secondary school

  • Building 505, Time square, Khan-Uul district

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Why Jet Secondary School

Why Jet Secondary School

The Best of Both Worlds

We offer the National Mongolian Curriculum which will prepare your child for all the academic opportunities that Mongolia has to offer. Besides that, we offer the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum with a strong focus on ‘international mindedness’. This will give your child the personal tools necessary to succeed, not only academically, but also as a responsible global citizen, in the 21st century.

Education for the Whole Child

Personal and social growth are as important as academic prowess. Our International curriculum has 8 personal goals woven through it and activities to showcase them are abundant. Besides that, we offer 3 academic hours of specialized EQ class each week with a psychologist who is trained in social and emotional education.


Being Part of the Community

We believe that a school can’t stand as an individual entity within society. Hence, we are actively involved in the community with both school-led and student-led initiatives. These can range from physical challenges such as 10km runs to charity events to support the less fortunate in our local and global community.

A School with a Mission

At our school, our vision and mission are central. We believe that if everyone strives to fulfill the same mission, the school culture will be harmonious and one where improvement of learning underlies everything we do.